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Julia Wycherley Award 2011 PDF Print
Written by Peter Leach CARG   
Wednesday, 11 January 2012 16:12

Julia Wycherley Award 2011


It’s some time since the ARG UK Panel unanimously agreed that Frank Bowles should be inaugural recipient of the newly named Julia Wycherley Award, the ARG UK's award which is presented to the individual who has made a significant and substantial contribution to UK herpetology.

 The presentation was to be made at the 2011 Herpetological Workers’ Meeting but Frank was unable to attend, so the first Scottish Regional Conference, held in Glasgow in November 2011 was an ideal occasion to hand over the award (Frank is on the left in the photo).

Although born in England, Frank moved to Scotland with his parents when still a lad, and has indulged his passion for amphibians and reptiles since then, continuing to do so in his 80th year.  He has represented Scotland for many years at both HGBI and BHS and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of many things herpetological, which he is always pleased to share with others.

The ARG UK award was re-named in honour of Dr Julia Wycherley MBE, the first individual recognised in this way by the ARG UK Panel. Frank is a fine candidate for this recognition award and will be at the Herpetofauna Workers' Meeting in 2012 - please do buy him a drink at the Saturday Social.