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The 50 Pond Challenge! Part II - the video (2nd edit) PDF Print
Written by EARG   
Friday, 04 November 2011 00:00

Weekend of 22 and 23 October 2011Nevendon, near Wickford

NEWSFLASH - sadly the Guinness World Records did not accept our record application on the following grounds

'While we certainly do not underestimate your proposal, we do however think that this
item is a little too specialised for a body of reference as general as ours. We receive many thousands of record claims every year and we think you will appreciate
that we are bound to favour those which reflect the greatest interest.'

'Guinness World Records has absolute discretion as to which record applications areaccepted and our decision is final.'

It was a long shot and the idea was from the London Wildlife trust's bee hotel record that prompted us to try and get a record for creating one of the most important habitats for freshwater biodiversity - small shallow clean water ponds as found in the Million Ponds Project. We are claiming the unofficial world record for digging ponds by hand and we hope to encourage people to try and break our record for the good of the UK's freshwater Biodiversity. We will be back with a bigger grander idea for 2012. Hope you all enjoy the video and the series which will follow the progress of the 50 ponds in Wickford, Essex. 

50 Pond Challenge PRESS RELEASE 18th October 2011

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