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  • NARRS – the national surveys begin
  • Making compost count for slow-worms
  • Herpetofauna workers' meeting, Coventry, January 2007
  • Coventry raises funds for cobras
  • A call for conservationists to work together across Europe!
  • Monitoring toad populations
  • Interview: John Baker, ARG UK secretary
  • In search of the Jersey grass snake
  • Mapping the Adder in the Peak District National Park
  • Scientific paper review
  • 100 years on and they're still going "peep"!
  • New ARG for Bucks
  • The HCT and BHS Scientific Conference
  • Gulley pots and Great Crested Newts
  • The Toad Patrol - New Alresford & Avington Hampshire
  • Sand dune management for sand lizards
  • ARG insurance - some FAQ's
  • Caption Competition
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