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ARG UK has updated risk assessments to reflect the current Covid-19 situation. Volunteering should only take place where this can be done safely (for volunteers & animals) within the relevant Covid-19 restrictions (which vary between UK nations & change at short notice)

  document Download our latest risk assessment including updates to COVID-19 restrictions here. (227 KB)

Whilst restrictions have eased in many parts of the UK, we must continue to exercise caution. You can use the BBC’s postcode finder to find out about the specific lockdown rules in your area

In addition to the generic activity risk assessment, an activity specific risk assessment is available for toad patrols.  Toad patrols are a particularly high risk activity, involving working on roads and near waterbodies at night.  It is therefore essential that no lone working takes place.  At present throughout the UK only two people from two households (i.e. the first from one household, and a second from another household) may meet outdoors.  Therefore, toad patrols undertaken under ARG UK insurance must consist of no more and no less than two people, who must wear facemasks if possible, and social distance (remain 2 metres apart) unless there is an emergency requiring assistance.  In addition, hand sanitizer must be used frequently, and it is essential to ensure that this does not come in to contact with amphibians.  If there is any doubt about whether this can be achieved, the activity should not be undertaken.

  document Download our toads on roads risk assessment updated April 2021 here (204 KB)

Note that travel to volunteer or provide charitable services which cannot be completed from home is an exemption to travel restrictions in all UK nations.  Other than for travel, there is no exemption from other Covid-19 restrictions afforded to volunteering activities.

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