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KS1 & KS2 resources

KS1 & KS2 resources

We are delighted to be able to bring you two unique resource packs developed especially for kids (at KS1 and KS2) by those clever folk at Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (HART) and the Herefordshire Nature Trust, with loads of fun activities, ideas and stories, to help you find out more about our very special native reptiles.

For reptiles we have 'What's the Snak'e, and for those of you with a pond at school or home, or even in your local park, a special 'Pond Pack'. Both packs have with lots of amazing ideas and activities for primary schools or kids at home.

Please download and use at home or for your school, and let us know how you get on.

Have fun!! 



ARGUK is pleased to be able to partner with the artist Mabel Harris to create a vibrant new range of stickers and character sheets for our budding young herpetologists.  These are perfect for events and other herp-themed activities.

Following on from the generous support for our education work by Natural England we are able to make sheets of 24 x 40mm circular paper stickers available for purchase at a substantial discount at a price of only £2.50 (including first class postage and packaging) for a set of 5 sticker sheets each with a different design including: adder, grass snake, slow-worm, sand lizard (Northern Dune Race), and great crested newt. Additional sheets can be purchased for an extra 50p each. For more information about these or to buy a sticker set please contact us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kids fun fact sheets

Kids fun fact sheets

ARG UK is delighted to partner with the artist Mabel Harris ( to create a vibrant new range of fun fact sheets, each containing lots of interesting facts about our native amphibians and reptiles.  These can be downloaded from this section, or we can send you some professionally printed copies. Contact .for more information.

We now have:

  • Alfie adder
  • Selina Slow-worm
  • Gracie grass snake
  • Sam sand lizard
  • Frieda frog
  • Thom common toad
  • Niamh natterjack toad
  • Stan the smooth newt
  • George the great crested newt



Black and White Colouring Sheets

Black and White Colouring Sheets

For younger children we have nine downloadable A4 black and white colouring sheets each featuring one of our characters:

  • George the great crested newt,
  • Alfie adder,
  • Gracie grass snake,
  • Selina slow-worm,
  • Frieda frog,
  • Thom common toad,
  • Niamh natterjack toad,
  • Stan the smooth newt
  • Sammy the sand lizard.

More about our native amphibians and reptiles

In this section we provide more information about our native amphibians and reptiles

Adders are Amazing Resource Pack

AAA Resource Pack Thumbnail of cover   AAA Resource Pack Thumbnail of back cover English   AAA Resource Pack Thumbnail of contents


This resource pack brings together some of the most effective artistic and scientific engagement tools developed by the Adders are Amazing! project. Not all are novel, and many can be developed further, perhaps to be used for a much wider range of other ‘challenging species’ such as amphibians and invertebrates. During the funded project, we were able to support many groups who wanted to participate, but otherwise had few resources. We recognise that cost can be a significant barrier to engagement, so we have presented a range of activities to give you plenty of options, depending on your budget and the type of group you are working with.

For young people (activity sheets coloured red: age 3-7, and green: age 8+) we found that more ‘hands on’ or visual activities were the most successful. For older groups, such as the U3A, Women’s Institute and community councils (blue activity sheets), offering a talk or focus group to discuss concerns about adders and ways to help the community can be highly effective. We believe that working with all members of the community, regardless of age, gender, financial circumstances, disability, ethnicity, or many of the other differences we have, is really important. What we offer here are activities that can be developed for working with all groups.

It is our hope that this pack will fire up your imagination and provide ideas for practical projects to carry out in your area, to help raise awareness of adders and change public perception of these amazing animals, before we lose them for good. Please print out the resources, photocopy them and distribute them freely. Use them for public events, talks or school engagement work. We hope you find them beneficial and would value your feedback!

Pecyn Adnoddau Gwiberod Gwych!

AAA Resource Pack Thumbnail of cover Welsh   AAA Resource Pack Thumbnail of back cover Welsh   AAA Resource Pack Thumbnail of contents Welsh


Mae'r pecyn adnoddau hwn yn tynnu ynghyd rai o'r offerynnau ymgysylltu artistig a gwyddonol mwyaf effeithiol a ddatblygwyd gan brosiect Gwiberod Gwych! Nid yw pob un yn newydd sbon, a gellid datblygu nifer ohonynt ymhellach, i'w defnyddio ar gyfer ystod llawer ehangach o 'rywogaethau heriol' eraill efallai, er enghraifft amffibiaid ac infertebratau. Yn ystod y prosiect a ariennir, llwyddom i gefnogi llawer o grwpiau a oedd eisiau cymryd rhan, ond yr oedd eu hadnoddau yn brin fel arall. Rydym yn cydnabod bod cost yn gallu bod yn rhwystr sylweddol wrth geisio ymgysylltu, ac felly rydym yn cyflwyno dewis o weithgareddau er mwyn rhoi digon o opsiynau i chi, gan ddibynnu ar eich cyllideb a'r math o grŵp yr ydych yn gweithio gydag ef.

Gyda phobl ifanc (taflenni gweithgaredd coch: 3-7 oed, a gwyrdd: 8+ oed) gwelsom mai'r gweithgareddau mwy 'ymarferol' neu weledol oedd fwyaf llwyddiannus. Gyda’r grwpiau hyn, er enghraifft Prifysgol y Drydedd Oes, Sefydliad y Merched a chynghorau cymuned (taflenni gweithgaredd glas), mae cynnig cyflwyniad neu grŵp ffocws i drafod pryderon am wiberod a sut i helpu'r gymuned, yn gallu bod yn hynod o effeithiol. Credwn fod gweithio gyda phob aelod o'r gymuned, waeth beth yw eu hoed, rhywedd, amgylchiadau ariannol, anabledd, ethnigrwydd, neu lawer o'r gwahaniaethau eraill sydd gennym, yn bwysig iawn. Yma, rydym yn cynnig gweithgareddau y gellir eu datblygu wrth weithio gyda phob grŵp.

Gobeithiwn y bydd y pecyn hwn yn tanio eich dychymyg ac yn cynnig syniadau ar gyfer prosiectau ymarferol i'w gweithredu yn eich ardal chi, er mwyn eich helpu i godi ymwybyddiaeth am wiberod a newid dirnadaeth y cyhoedd am yr anifeiliaid anhygoel hyn, cyn i ni eu colli am byth. Mae rhwydd hynt i chi argraffu'r adnoddau, eu llungopïo a'u dosbarthu fel y mynnwch. Defnyddiwch nhw ar gyfer digwyddiadau cyhoeddus, cyflwyniadau neu waith ymgysylltu mewn ysgolion. Gobeithiwn y byddant o fudd i chi a gwerthfawrogwn eich adborth

Dragons in the Hills - outreach resources for primary aged children

Silent Valley 02.08.21 3As a part of the Dragons in the Hills project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we have developed a set of outreach resource packs for primary aged-children that can be used for classroom or other outreach sessions with this age group. Each pack has been developed to support the Northern Ireland Schools curriculum, and aims to engage the children with different aspects of ecology and biodiversity. So of the materials take a more general approach to taxonomic classification and food webs, and some are more specifically concerned with conservation of amphibians and reptiles.