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Guidance for works carried out under great crested newt district level licensing Introduction This annex contains guidance for developers acting under a GCN District Level Licence (‘the Licence’) authorising activities affecting great crested newts Triturus cristatus (GCN), a European Protected Species, which would otherwise be unlawful. Compliance with this guidance is not a requirement or condition of the Licence and is not mandatory. The Licence permits acts, subject to licence conditions, including killing, injury, disturbance, capture and transport of GCN, as well as damage and destruction of their breeding sites and resting places. Impacts of development progressing under the Licence are being fully compensated for by off-site habitat provision that is being paid for by the developer and for this reason the Licence does not specifically require any on-site avoidance or mitigation measures to be undertaken. However, where desirable, reasonable measures can be undertaken to minimise suffering to any GCN which may be present within or immediately adjacent to the development footprint. This document is specific to GCN and is only applicable to works proceeding under the Licence. It is important to note there may be other ecological considerations in relation to site works, including the measures identified within this document, for example those relating to other protected or priority species, habitats or designated sites.
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