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Amphibian and Reptile meetings this autumn

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A series of meetings are planned for this autumn which will provide an interesting insight into the work which ongoing to help our native amphibians and reptiles in the UK. it provides a chance for people to network, learn from each other and to inspire future project work which aims to help our amphibians and reptiles.

The first meeting is actually this coming weekend (22nd September) where the ARG UK regional meeting for the Midlands is being hosted at the National Forest Conkers site near Moira - further details from the Derbyshire Amphibian & Reptile Group. This meeting will see the launch of the mobile version of the Record Pool which will hopefully revolutionise how amphibian and reptile recording in the UK.

The British Herpetological Society have organised a meeting with an international feel with talks on various species such as Chameleons in Madagascar to the blue iguanas in the Cayman Islands. This is on the 21st October in Amersham Community Centre - more details 

The Welsh Dragon Project's meeting which is the Welsh Amphibian & Reptile Symposium on the 3rd November. Through a partnership project with Amphibian & Reptile Conservation the symposium has a series of talks and presentations on topics such as natterjack toads in Wales, Aesculapian snakes, reptile mitigation & survey protocols, adder DNA research and reptile habitat management. There is also a chance to hear from ARG UK and the Wales Amphibian & Reptile Link on how all the local groups are engaging with the National NGO and the statutory bodies to deliver real conservation for our native amphibians and reptiles. The South East Regional meeting is being hosted by the Hampshire Amphibian & Reptile Group at Marwell Zoological park on the 17th November. The theme of the meeting is 'Best Practice; Survey, Mitigation and Legislation'. more details will follow soon.

The last meeting of the year is the joint scientific meeting of Amphibian & Reptile Conservation and the British Herpetological Society on the 9th December at the Bournemouth Natural Science Society - download the flyer 

These meetings all offer a different flavour of the efforts of volunteers and professionals in helping our threatened amphibians and reptiles in the UK, Europe and overseas. Its a really good diary of indoor events which helps people get over the colder winter months and leading up to the national meeting there will be further regional meetings in the South West and East of England (more details to be announced soon). People often say that the best meeting by far is the national meeting organised jointly by ARG UK & Amphibian & reptile Conservation - 

National Herpetofauna Workers' Meeting 2013

The Herpetofauna Workers' meeting  is on 25th to 27th January and will be in Edinburgh more details will follow in due course follow progress on the hash tag below