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Photo © Jon Cranfield

This exciting new project, led by our Pembrokeshire Adder Coordinator, Sam Langdon, is delivering the ‘community engagement’ aspect of a wider programme to prevent this iconic, but vulnerable native snake from slipping into extinction in large parts of England and Wales. The project will take a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of conservation, including: survey and monitoring, which will feed into landowner engagement and practical conservation. However, a key part of this is also public perception; adders have been persecuted over many centuries, and without a significant change in the way in which communities and the wider public view the adder, there is no desire or impetus to conserve it. The project aims to develop an inspirational programme to engage the wider community and general public and reverse the effects of the negative publicity that adders have received over so many generations. 

Adders are Amazing! will work with communities on the St David’s Peninsula, one of Wales’ key strongholds for the adder. Alongside partners from: SWWARG, Pembrokeshire County Council, the National Trust, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Keep Britain Tidy and Dr Beynon's Bug Farm; we will work with the community around St David's, to create a positive focus on the natural environment, with the adder as its flagship. This will help ensure a resilient future for adders in this area and help develop a sense of community pride in this beautiful, sensitive species. The findings and outcomes from the programme will then be used to inform further projects across Wales, UK and Europe to help reverse the pervasive negativity associated with adders and other native snakes.


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