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Until 2010, it was generally believed that wild grass snakes (Natrix helvetica) do not occur in Scotland.  However, three confirmed records were made in Dumfries & Galloway between 2009 and 2010, and there are other unconfirmed but possible records from elsewhere in Scotland. Research has since shown that grass snakes are present in Scotland, but we do not know if they are recent arrivals or their current range.

Grass snakes are charismatic, but shy animals, but may be seen particularly in areas with water bodies where they can hunt amphibians.  Although harmless, they are the UK’s largest snake (females may grow longer than 1 metre) and can be easily identified by the pale neck collar.

Your sighting reports will go to Chris Cathrine, Director of Caledonian Conservation Ltd who is currently researching the Grass snake in Scotland. To find out more about the research, take a look at this :

Cathrine, C. 2012. Scottish Grass Snake Distribution Research Poster. Herp Workers' Meeting 2012.

Your records will also populate the Record Pool database


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