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Photo © Jon Cranfield

ARGWEB is a new online toolkit tailor-made for our affiliated volunteer Amphibian and Reptile Groups (ARGS). ARGWEB was originally set up by our Surrey group (SARG) to provide a suit of online tools (apps) to manage their membership and other stakeholders including land managers and project partners in a GDPR compliant manner. Now that it is tried and tested, we have made the system available to our other groups and to date over 30 ARGs have adopted it. As well as membership, ARGWEB also supports site-based amphibian and reptile surveys to allow for site monitoring, and in 2019 we have introduced a toad patrol app, to enable patrollers to more easily collate amphibian numbers and patrollers’ effort.  By enabling site managers and other partners, including ARC and Froglife to access data for their sites in real time it also provides a tool for site management.

Key features are:

  • ARGWEB is an internet-based software solution for ARGs – “Let the computer do the admin”
  • Continually developed by SARG since 2005, but now available to all ARGs
  • Manages ARG membership, integrates with PayPal subscriptions
  • Multi-tier security access, based on role, licences held and training completed
  • Allows set up of reptile transects
  • Incorporates a pond database function
  • Directs surveyors, providing survey and priority information
  • Online recording
  • Full data analysis functions and GIS
  • Built-in distribution model (CASM4)
  • Land manager data portals

Because this is such a new system we have a lot of enquiries about how to access it and set up the different functions. Pete Gillatt, Chair of HIWARG has kindly allowed us to access the short presentations he has made to support the membership in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We hope you find them useful.

pdf ARGWEB Reptile Transect Survey Guide author HIWARG (3.85 MB)

pdf ARGWEB Pond Survey Recording Guide author HIWARG (760 KB)

pdf ARGWEB Toad Crossing Data Module author HIWARG (389 KB)

If you would like more information about ARG WEB, or would like to try it out with your group please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..