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Photo © Jon Cranfield


Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, together with our partner organisation, Amphibian and Reptile Groups of UK (ARG UK) co-hosted a very special meeting in Somerset in October, to discuss how best to conserve the adder, arguably the most vulnerable of our native reptiles.

You can download a summary of the abstracts here: pdf Abstracts - The Vanishing Viper - Presentations and Workshops on 8-9 October.pdf (275 KB)

Here we include the presentations from the meeting in .pdf format. These are for public use, but please respect the authors' right to copyright, and credit them if you wish to reproduce the information contained.  

Session 1: Strategic challenges and solutions for adder conservation. Introduced by Tony Gent (ARC)

Session 2: Insights from survey and research. Chair: John Dickson (RAGS)

 Session 3: Managing landscapes sympathetically for adders – the opportunities and challenges for land managers. Chair: Mike Philips (KRAG)

Session 4: Public interactions with adders – what messages should we be broadcasting (Workshop). Facilitated by Pete Hill & Mark Barber (ARC).

Session 5: Site protection, regulation and policy issues. Chair: Chris Monk (Derbyshire ARG)

Session 6: Mitigating development impacts. Chair Chris Gleed-Owen, (CGO Ecology/Dorset ARG)

Session 7: Prioritisation of threats and conservation actions for the Adder.  Led by Richard Griffiths (DICE) and Steve Langham (SARG)

pdf Richard Griffiths - Vanishing Viper Workshop outline and summing up.pdf (446 KB)