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Safeguarding protocols

Amphibian & Reptile Groups of UK (ARG UK) is a registered charity (number 1165504) committed to the conservation of native amphibians and reptiles and their natural environment by supporting the development of a network of independent volunteer amphibian and reptile groups (ARGs). As part of that focus, we organise and participate in educational and outreach activities for the benefit of our volunteers, conservation partners and the wider public and to promote the conservation of our native species. This includes outreach with schools and youth groups, with community groups that may include vulnerable and protected adults; and with the wider public at events and training days, run by us, and that we attend as part of our community outreach programme.

Our safeguarding policy applies equally to our volunteers and members of the wider public attending our events, activities and training days. We want all of our volunteers including children and vulnerable and protected adults to enjoy their involvement with ARG UK and its affiliated groups. To engender this we commit to operating safely, with safeguarding as the top priority, and to act and be seen to act appropriately at all times.

pdf ARG UK Safeguarding Policy Statement March 2023 Popular


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ARG UK Safeguarding Policy Statement March 2023.pdf

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ARG UK Safeguarding Protocols March 2023.pdf

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