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Photo © Jon Cranfield

The recording of the sixth in our ARG UK Autumn Seminar Series: Amphibian diseases – Understanding and managing the spread of a highly aggressive amphibian disease focussing on the novel form of chytrid, Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal).

Presented by Alice Pawlik (Trustee, ARG UK, University of Exeter), the seminar opens with an overview of the current status of amphibian diseases in the UK, from Joseph Heaver at the Institute of Zoology (ZSL) based on findings from the Garden Wildlife Health programme ( We then focus more closely on the epidemiology of Bsal, a new form of chytrid that has virtually extirpated wild fire salamanders from parts of continental Europe, and may pose a threat to some of our native newts should it enter wild populations in UK, with a presentation from Annemarieke Spitzen (RAVON). Stefano Canessa (Wildlife Health Ghent), then discusses the difficulties of responding and managing a spreading disease such as Bsal in the light of experiences from Southern Europe. Presentations are followed by a panel discussion where participants were able to ask questions or raise other points.

To watch the seminar follow the link to our YouTube channel.

Please note this was an online event powered by Zoom. With thanks to The Garfield Weston Foundation, who have kindly sponsored our evening on Amphibian Diseases.


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