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Photo © Jon Cranfield

Presented by Nicola Morris (Trustee ARG UK, Chair Cornwall ARG (CRAG), Invasive Species Officer, South West Lakes Trust), our expert panel discuss what makes an alien species invasive, what impact alien invasive species such as alpine newts may have on our native biodiversity, and how to manage different scenarios.

We are delighted to welcome Suzie Simpson from Hadlow College (North Kent College), Robert Williams from The University of Leeds and Chris Newman from the National Centre for Reptile Welfare. Nicola opens with an overview of what the terminology of what 'non native', 'alien' and 'invasive' means, and refers to a specific case study on alpine newts. Chris then tells us more about the types of animals including rescues and rehomes they've welcomed in to the NCRW over the past 3 years, and some of the background to this. Suzie expands on the theme with more information about the Turtle Tally Citizen Science project, which aims to unravel the issues surrounding the widespread release of pet turtles into our water courses, and what the impacts of this are likely to be. Robert then tells us about his PhD research on Common Wall Lizards (Podarcis muralis), which similarly raises interesting questions on our perceptions of alien vs alien invasive, with this charismatic little animal. Presentations are followed by a panel discussion with an opportunity for participants to ask questions or raise other points. (Images copyright Simon West).

A recording of the event is now published on YouTube and can be downloaded here

This is an online event powered by Zoom, first broadcast on 26.11.2020. With thanks to The Garfield Weston Foundation, who have kindly sponsored our evening on Alien Species


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