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Photo © Jon Cranfield

ARG UK Autumn Seminar Series: Engaging community champions – developing and evaluating innovative outreach programmes for amphibians and reptiles with diverse communities. Presented by Angela Julian (Coordinator ARG UK), we explore novel ways of engaging with different community groups. Our panel of expert speakers present their own innovative outreach programmes. We hear from Sam Kelly (ARG UK) who tells us about the impact of the Adders are Amazing! programme, engaging communities in Pembrokeshire with our only venomous snake; Emma Gardner (Bagley Wood Toad Patrol/University of Reading), who tells us more about 'Animals on the Move', a two day interactive exhibition of migratory animals, including toads, birds, fish, and butterflies; and David Willis (Hertfordshire ARG), who tells us about his training and outreach programme with staff and offenders in the criminal justice system. Presentations are followed by a panel discussion with an opportunity for participants to ask questions or raise other points(image copyright Mabel Cheung Harris).

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Please note this is was an online event powered by Zoom, with thanks to The Garfield Weston Foundation, who kindly sponsored our evening on Engaging Community Champions.