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Photo © Jon Cranfield

At this time of year, you may see adders basking in the open, particularly along coastal paths where there is heathland (heather and gorse), or in sand dunes, and on sunny south facing slopes.

Adders are very timid and are in real danger of becoming extinct in the UK if we don’t do something to help them.

However, we receive a lot of enquiries about adders at this time of year from concerned walkers, dog owners, holiday makers and other beach visitors, so we wanted to share some useful information here.

1. Please do not disturb adders – If they are disturbed, they may bite and this can be very painful. Step back, give them space, admire their beauty and then leave them in peace. Please record your sighting here:

2. Keep your dog on a lead in dense heathland where there is a lot of gorse.

3. Never touch or pick up an adder. If you find a stranded adder on a beach, please give it space to find its own way back into the dunes.

4. If you believe you have been bitten, stay calm and seek prompt medical assistance.

5. If a dog is bitten, please seek immediate veterinary care. Keep the dog calm and cool, and as immobile as possible.

Our project aims to raise awareness of adders throughout the UK. If you would like to find out more about adders and what you can do to help, please follow our Adders are Amazing! Facebook page and get in touch! 


                                           Remember - Stop, Step Back and Smile!

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