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Photo © Jon Cranfield

The SW ARGS online meeting recorded on 06.11.2021 provided an opportunity for volunteers, NGOs, academic researchers and statutory agencies to network and catch up on the latest news and research findings from reptile and amphibian conservation projects from right across the region.

Session 1: Chaired by Nicola Morris (ARG UK, CARG), the first session features presentations from the SW ARG groups, with presentations from: Cornwall (CRAG), Dorset (DARN), Somerset (RAGS), Avon (ARAG), and Devon (DRAG).

You can view the  Session 1 recording on YouTube here

Presentations in order are:

1. Helen Fearnley (CRAG) - A refresh of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and what the proposals in the JNCC review (QQR7) of the Act mean

2. Sheila Dyason DARN) - Slow-worms in Churchyards (SliC) in Dorset and beyond.

3. John Dickson (RAGS) - An update from Somerset (RAGS)

4. Andy Ryder and Harry Searle-Webb (ARAG) - An update from Avon (ARAG)

5. Rob Ward (DRAG) - What is DRAG?

Grass snake leaflet thumbnailSession 2: Chaired by Ethan Henderson (CARG), the second session features presentations from the SW ARG groups: Wiltshire (WART), Cornwall (CRAG) and Dorset/Hampshire & Isle of Wight (HIWARG)

You can view the Session 2 recording on YouTube here

Presentations in order are:

1. Gemma Harding (WARG) - Widening Wiltshire: an update from WARG

2. Becky Turner (CRAG) - Microhabitat characteristics of Vipera berus spring basking sites in Cornwall

3. Pete Gillatt (DARN/HIWARG) - Workshop: Creating grass snake egg-laying heaps

Session 3: Chaired by Rob Ward (DRAG) the third afternoon session features presentations from the SW ARG groups: Cornwall (CRAG) and The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust/Jersey ARG (JARG)

You can view the Session 3 recording on YouTube here

Agile Frog Durrell Wildlife Conservation TrustPresentations in order are:

1. Ethan Henderson (CRAG) - Harnessing social media for conservation action – the triumphs and pitfalls

2. Nadine Wöhl (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust/Jersey ARG) - The Agile Frog in Jersey - A decade of head starting and 30 years of conservation effort.

 (image: Agile Frog, Rana dalmatina, copyright Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)


With thanks to our South West ARGs for their support:

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