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We are delighted to present the Scottish ARGs regional meeting for 2021 which was recorded on Saturday October 30th.

You can view the recording on YouTube here:

Introduced by Chris Cathrine (ARG UK, Cent ARG, Caledonian Conservation), the online meeting provided an opportunity for volunteers, NGOs, academic researchers and statutory agencies to network and catch up on the latest news and research findings from reptile and amphibian conservation projects from right across the country.

The video covers the morning session of presentations from Scottish ARGs featuring:

1. Lucy Briscoe (University of Dundee, TayARG), 'Pooling our Ponds';

2. Professor Roger Downie (University of Glasgow, Froglife, Clyde ARG) ‘Amphibians, reptiles and climate change: studies from west central Scotland’;

3. David O'Brien (Highland Amphibian and Reptile Project - HARP) 'Toad to the Isles';

4. Chris Cathrine (ARG UK, CentARG, Caledonian Conservation) 'An overview of alien amphibians and reptiles in Scotland';

5. Daniele Muir (TayARG) ‘The Tayside Pond Project’;

6. David Bell (Fife ARG) 'Securing a future for the great crested newt in West Fife';

7. Sheila Gundry (Froglife) 'Linking habitats & communities in the Forth Valley & Fife';

8. Jeanette Hall (Highland ARP), 'Adders on Windfarms – a missed conservation opportunity?';

9. Stephen Corcoran (Cairngorms National Park) 'Over-wintering palmate newts on the Cairngorms: a Natural History Note'.

Erik Paterson Scottish Adder for web pageAdder Survey Workshop with Nature Scot, ARG UK and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (30.10.21)

The afternoon of the meeting featured a workshop focussing on the proposed repeat of the NatureScot 1994 Scottish National Adder Survey with Nature Scot, Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK (ARG UK) and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC). For more information about this study or to take part please go to the dedicated Scottish Adder Survey project page.

You can view the recording on YouTube here:

The session was Chaired by Chris Cathrine (ARG UK, CentARG, Caledonian Conservation). Presentations are by John McKinnell (Nature Scot), Angela Julian (ARG UK), John Wilkinson (ARC), Rachael Cooper-Bohannon (ARC), Janet Ullman(ARC) and Jim Foster (ARC) and includes discussions with the workshop attendees. The adder workshop is followed by a final presentation from Rachael Cooper-Bohannon (ARC) describing a new project in Scotland 'Saving Scotland's Amphibian and Reptiles (SSAAR)'. Please note the actual polls are not shown on the Zoom recording.

(Adder image copyright Erik Paterson)


With thanks to the following groups and organisations who supported The Scottish ARGs regional meeting

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