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Photo © Jon Cranfield

It's that time of year when folk are starting to come across reptiles in their gardens. Perhaps sheltering under a compost bag, a bit of old board or roofing felt, swimming across their pond, or just basking in a sunny spot.

Whilst some people welcome wildlife on their home patch, to others the appearance of a snake in the garden (or elsewhere) can be disconcerting or even a bit scary. This can prompt calls to ARGs, the RSPCA, or Amphibian and Reptile Conservation or even the local pet shop for advice. To help ARGs (and others) with such enquiries, we have put together this short note which can be used to help answer some of the questions that people may have. We've also added a short description and some pictures to help people to decide exactly what they are seeing.

Please feel free to download and use this note to help respond to enquries about snakes in gardens and to explain why ARGs do not operate a snake-removal service.

  pdf There is a snake in my garden - what can I do