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Relaunch of London Amphibian and Reptile Group (LARG)  - finding our way through the capital. 

Do you live in London or Great London? Would you like to find out more about your local amphibians and reptiles? Would you like to get involved in local conservation?

We held a meeting to relaunch London ARG on Thursday 28th January 2021, where Angie Julian (Coordinator ARG UK) presented an overview of what an ARG is, and how ARG UK can help a volunteer amphibian and reptile group. Then the neighbouring SE ARGs presented a short summary of how they are each able to help mentor and support a new group in the capital. We were also delighted to welcome Emily Millhouse who coordinates the Froglife London T.O.A.D project and hear more about their progress on this London based project. We are keen to work in partnership with Froglife and other local groups including the Ealing Wildlife Group and Darlands Conservation Trust  We had a fantastic response with over 30 would be LARG volunteers joining us, and lots of interest from all over the Capital. 

Dave Willis of Herts ARG has kindly offered to be Acting Chair, until the new committee is up and running, and longstanding LARG volunteer Linda Pryke is going to continue to monitor social media and lead pond walks in her part of London. We have also launched London ARG WEB so you will be able to join that and see how you fit into the world.  By the the miracle of modern technology, we also managed to record the meeting and if you go to our YouTube Link you can meet some of your local amphibian and reptile groups, hear about the different projects they are involved with, and find out how you too can get involved.

You can download the YouTube recording of our meeting on 28.01.21 here

You can contact us on or find Dave Willis and LARG team on our local groups listing


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