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Photo © Jon Cranfield

What's in your pond in the Spring of 2021? Join with our volunteer ARGs right across the UK and Northern Ireland this spring and see who is the first to spot amphibians arriving to breed. Expert amphibian ecologist, Pete West of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight ARG (HIWARG), tells us how you can look out for frog spawn, toad spawn and folded leaves that may signify newt eggs, and then see if you can spot shoals of tadpoles or newt larvae swimming about in your local ponds in a few weeks time. Check out your garden pond in lockdown - or your local park or nature area whilst taking your daily exercise. And record your sightings on our Record Pool (

Most of us are still under COVID-19 lockdown, and are looking for activities we can safely conduct within the regulations in safe way. Our Hampshire and Isle of Wight Amphibian and Reptile Group (HIWARG) have published a number of videos and slide shows to help guide you through what is possible at this time. And given that we are fast approaching spring and amphibian breeding season, why not start with a spawn survey?

So why not go out and become a 'spawn spotter'

You can download the PowerPoint presentation and other useful 'how to' advice from the HIWARG website here

 Or go to our YouTube channel to hear Pete West's fantastic presentation


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