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pdf 2020 03 24 CIEEM COVID 19 Advice Note Popular


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2020 03 24 CIEEM COVID-19 Advice Note.pdf

Advice on COVID-19 and Undertaking Site-Based Ecological Work 24 March 2020. In line with the current advice of UK governments to restrict unnecessary travel and contact with others, it is likely that most ecological survey work and ECoW work will need to be postponed. If you are undertaking site-based work of any description, here is our current advice on keeping yourself and others safe.

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ARG UK - Caledonian_Conservation_Ltd_Covid-19_Risk_Assessment_20200407.doc

The following tables describe the hazards and risks associated with Covid-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This Generic Risk Assessment applies to all standard sites and activities and is based on advice given from one of our Trustees based on his company guidelines. For each survey or site visit a Site Specific Risk Assessment should be always be completed, and may include specific risks relevant to Covid-19. The procedure followed to determine the Risk rating is described after the table covering generic hazards. The definitions of Severity of risk and Probability of risk and the interpretation of different Risk rating values are also clearly described after this table

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ARG UK Toads on Roads Risk Assessment Feb 2019.doc

Specific risk assessment for toad patrols

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